Further Thoughts on Futurama

Tomorrow night the tenth new Futurama ep will air, so I figured it was time to talk about it a bit more. When last we spoke, I was trying to reconcile the fact that things like Venture Bros have aired during the time since we last had new Futurama eps airing. Now that we’re a third of the way through the season, I think I’ve seen enough to know where I stand on the subject. Is it better than something like, say the third season of Venture Bros, or season two of Frisky Dingo? No, but at the same time it’s absolutely the same show that was leagues ahead of the Simpsons during its original run.

It’s actually kinda freaky, because the tone, the comedy, the characters, it’s all so very much exactly as it was that I’d almost assume these eps had been written in 2003, were it not for the fact that they’re mocking the iPhone and Twitter.

Speaking of, Attack of the Killer App has easily been my favourite episode of the new run, although the time travel and evolution episodes were really great too. I laughed watching those episodes in a way I haven’t any time I’ve caught an ep of the Simpsons in the past… decade. The show’s ability to go high- and low-brow at the same time has always really appealed to me, because honestly science and math are untapped goldmines of comedic potential. At the same time, I’ve been giggling to myself insanely at work for a week now over the Homo Farnsworth bit. High and low, it’s wonderful.



~ by Jerk on August 18, 2010.

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