Bring Out Your Dead!

Smallville has just added another dead guy to their roster for the upcoming tenth season (being dubbed SmallvilleX by fans).  Lionel Luthor will be showing up, don’t know when, don’t know how but it’s a two episode arc making it hard to believe it will be just another flashback.  While I never really believed Lionel was dead, I have to wonder just how they plan on doing this on top of bringing back Pa Kent and other less dead characters like Kara, Brainiac and the ever hilarious Hawkman.

I think we’re all holding our breath for Lex to put the X in …SmallvilleX but Lionel will be a welcomed substitute since I truly believe Rosenbaum has given the show the big sayonara for good.

I’m really depending on the show to pull out all the stops for this final season.  I’d like to see Smallville go out on 21 big banging episodes.  The show and the story deserve to go out on that high.



~ by doublebitch on August 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bring Out Your Dead!”

  1. For some reason I read the title as “Bring out your Dad” and yet no context was lost at all.

  2. I keep seeing it as Bring out your dad too. It must be the power of Lionel

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