True Blood – The Return of Talbot

Russell and Talbot, True Blood, I smell a rat, 3.10This week’s episode of True Blood 3.10 “I Smell a Rat” was packed with action that moved not only the overall plot but revealed some major secrets and developed on a number of smaller relationships. For the sake of the recap, we learned about Crystal, we found out Sookie’s true nature, we saw Sam be a sexycrook with Arielle Kibbel and we learned about Jesus and Lafayette’s backgrounds. We saw the development of the Jessica – Hoytt – Tommy triangle and the Sookie – Bill – Eric thing. Hoytt drank Vamp blood, Jason told off Bill, Jason admitted to killing Eggs, Terry proves yet again that he’ll be an awesome dad and Sookie got captured. Oh and my favorite part was when Bill called Eric Russell’s butt boy.

All of this was packed with win but the scene that really stole the show for me was watching the King make that hooker his dead lover. What an ingenious way to bring someone back from the dead…twice. If this was Inception, Talbot was hiding in that snow army fort thing. It proves once again that Denis O’Hare is not only perfect for this role but just awesome in general. It was touching to see that closure for a flat out insane, evil character.

The writing was spot on in this episode. If they could grasp this kind of hold on the story in every episode they would be set. That’s the feeling I get from the books, that there is constant motion. No matter where you are in the book, you are headed into or out of another mess. The casting just keeps getting better and better. I am not afraid to say this is the best large ensemble cast on TV right now.



~ by doublebitch on August 26, 2010.

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