JDB Random Question #12 Baby Criminals

Christian Kane with a Baby, Father, Close to Home, CBS, Eliot SpencerI’m back with another LEVERAGE themed Random Question.  No, it’s not “How awesome would a Muppet Babies-esque Leverage spin off be?”  but you’re on the right track.

There’s no questioning that Eliot Spencer, or at least Christian Kane is amazing with children.  He’s the one they run to, the one they feel safe with (then again, who wouldn’t feel safe around Eliot?).  He’s the member of the group that could get locked in a kindergarten classroom and come out in one piece, and so would the kids.

So here I pose to you, why?  What’s happened in his past that’s given him this particular connection?  Did he have siblings he spent years raising or is it possible that Mr Spencer has a kid out there somewhere?

Hey now!  Wait.  Don’t go dismissing the idea so fast.  Sure there’s part of you that thinks if Eliot had a baby he’d never run off to work with the team.  He’s not quite dark enough to have lost a child to something and that would make him relate to Nate in a way we would have noticed before now.  But maybe there’s a kid he knows about, sorta longs for but can’t be near because it’s just too dangerous, kinda like how he couldn’t come back for Amiee.

Maybe I’m tin-hatting some fic here but I can’t help but feeling like there’s something under all this, or at least there could be, if it were the type of show that could explore something like that.




~ by doublebitch on September 12, 2010.

6 Responses to “JDB Random Question #12 Baby Criminals”

  1. Most logical thought along those lines would be that at one time he was in love with a girl who had a kid. Alternately, he just has Magic Baby/Child Powers.

  2. (it’s the hair)

  3. If Eliot has a kid I don’t think he knows about it cuz of the crazy life he lives. I know for sure that Christian did not like working on Close To Home. I think after that show he took a hiatus from TV.

  4. Are you saying he wouldn’t live his life that way if he did know? Or it’s so crazy, he doesn’t know?

    Or has he seen too much messed up stuff in this world to ever bring a kid into it?

  5. In fanfiction – yes he has a kid LOL In reality, Eliot mentioned a nephew in The Miracle Job and I think he has a family that he just doesn’t reveal too much about to anyone. Just like his love life and his past which John Rogers has said Eliot doesn’t shit where he eats (about his love life) so he’s not going to share.

    I think something happened to Eliot as a child OR he witnessed a lot during his time in the military that affected him so deeply he has a protective nature about children. Even in the first episode, he was the only one who said something to Nate about losing a child. But let’s not forget Parker’s love of children. I think the three of them, Nate, Eliot, and Parker, all have strong affection for children due to their backgrounds. I think part of the reason why Eliot is so protective of Hardison and Parker is because of a past relationship with a younger sibling (which he’d have to have a sibling to have a nephew).

    All this is just MY opinion and I have no facts to base it on other than the comment he made about his nephew.

  6. Oh one more thing. I like the fact that Leverage doesn’t give us all their history in one fell swoop. Its fun discovering it in bits and pieces like that.

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