I'd Like to Talk About a New Venture Opportunity

This past Sunday, at long last, The Venture Bros returned with the second half of the fourth season! And what a great return it was. This episode was packed, more happened during these 22 minutes than happens in two episodes of most hour-long shows. New character interactions, new plot developments, musical numbers, lots of action scenes, and some awesome homages/parodies. All while turning in some truly hilarious dialogue.

The dialogue has always been my favourite part of Venture Bros, showing us this wonderful ‘verse Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick have created where everyone can (and do!) get sidetracked into pop-culture filled geek rants. Personally, my favourite this week was when Pete White and Billy Quizboy get into a heated debate about whether Innerspace is a classic movie or not (it is!).

This was easily one of the best episodes of the fourth season to date. After the first half of the current season, I’d still say that the third was their strongest season, but if they keep giving us episodes like this I may have to change the order of my ranking. The 4.5 premiere wasn’t quite as good as an insane Phantom Limb with a toaster, but it was close.

Go Team Venture!



~ by Jerk on September 14, 2010.

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