Lost Girl

Time to get Canadian all up in here! The new Showcase series Lost Girl premiered on Sunday  (and premiered well, apparently) and I was pretty impressed with it. Certainly flawed, but absolutely watchable.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about Bo, who finds out the crazy powers she has are due to her being a succubus, and that there’s actually an entire society of Fey beings living within our human society. With the help of her peppy teen sidekick Kenzi, she defies the Fey rule requiring all Fey to align themselves with one of two parties, the Light or the Dark. Oh, and there are threads for a future romance with a detective who a) I think may be a werewolf and b) I think may be Thom Yorke.

Bo is played by Anna Silk, and she’s basically a slightly wooden Canadian version of Mary-Louise Parker. She’s serviceable in the lead, but with only the pilot she’s already been outshone by several other characters (Peppy Teen Sidekick, Detective Thom Yorke, and Deep Voiced Black Guy among them). This isn’t a bad thing though, in every season Buffy was my least- or second-least-favourite character, and yet BTVS is still my favourite show of all time.

It didn’t come across in the episode, but the show is clearly filmed in Toronto, and I’m hoping that it’s also set there. It’s always nice when Canadian shows are actually set in Canada. Maybe it’s just because I watch so little Canadian TV, but it’s always seemed rare to me to see someone pay for something with a blue bill. Another reason I loved John Woo’s Once A Thief.

The visual effects were actually pretty damn good, and the overall look of the show was shockingly missing that Canadian ness. The body bags showing up was really the only effect that looked bad to me. The production values were actually really good. Oh, and the music kinda reminded me of Max Payne, which seemed odd.

The writing seemed a little erratic to me. Sometimes there were some really witty lines, other times they were just bad (I refuse to believe that anyone ever has used ‘vom’ as a shorthand for ‘vomit’, it’s incredibly lame). The show also seemed a little too serious to suddenly give the untrained main character expert knife-throwing skills. A little more camp would help, I think. The show doesn’t need Hercules/Xena level camp, but… let’s face it, Xena and BTVS are the comparisons it’s going to get, and the tone of those shows absolutely had a hand in their success.

In the end, Lost Girl was easily good enough for me to keep watching, at least until I get swamped in returning shows in a month.



~ by Jerk on September 15, 2010.

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