Lone Star Shines

I rushed home from a late shift to catch as much of the new Monday night lineup as I could.  Some new, some old but the only one I felt truly stuck out was Lone Star.  Now with today’s PVR/DVR/TIVO what-have-you tendencies, lineup doesn’t really matter as much as it once did but I still think if you’re up against a power house, you’re a little bit doomed from the start.   Lone Star takes the 8pm slot up against hyped shows like The Event and Dancing with People Who Think They’re Stars.  Seriously, when I can’t tell the dancer from the celebrity, it’s time to move on.

I didn’t know what to expect from Lone Star.  I’d read about it when pilots were picked up but never thought much of it past that.  Tonight it provided a slow build and had a bit of a Mad Men feel to it.  It also held a fleck of Neil Caffrey’s spark, just a fleck.  It’s an hour drama with Adrianne Palicki (our beloved burning on the ceiling Jess from SPN and That psych out super girl Kryptonian vision on Smallville way back in the day).  Okay, so she plays a side character to new comer James Wolk who plays Bob Allen, a conman of sorts.  He’s basically pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, scheming people out of money and living two lives.  By the end of the pilot he even has two wives.  I can’t help but be intrigued.

I don’t expect this to be an action packed show but I look forward to seeing what direction they’ll take.  They’ve developed three story lines very well.  The simple life with a sweet girl, a corporate life married to a millionaire’s daughter and the relationship he has with his skeezy pancake lovin’ father.  Will this show turn into a con of the week type show or will it go towards a business centric drama? I already like the new guy and the lead character, I’m already rooting for him to come out unscathed even though it’s clearly not going to be possible.

Interesting.  Sure as hell kicked The Event’s ass.



~ by doublebitch on September 21, 2010.

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