Unpopular Opinon Time with DB – Supernatural Edition

I’m just gonna throw it right out there:

I like Lisa.

Yep.  I said it.  And while I’m at it, I liked Bella and Ruby 1.o too but back to the topic at hand.  I like Lisa and I hope she stays around even though I know better than to get my hopes up.  I think she’s exactly what Dean deserves.  She’s what Dean has worked so hard for and longed for.  He wants a house and a kid and he just wants to stay there.

I, like many others, would have been fine with the show ending at the end of season 5 minus the creepy lurky Sam in the streets shot that was put there to … please the network or something.  I’m still not sure why it was there.  On top of it being what Dean deserves, I think she’s pretty awesome.  She’s got a cool kid, they have a history that doesn’t have anything crazy in it.  She’s independent and doesn’t ever guilt Dean into anything.  She could have easily lied and said Ben was his son, she could have begged him to stay or been upset with him when he left but she wasn’t.  She opened her home to him with open arms, as anyone would if Jensen Ackles rang your doorbell looking depressed and covered in angel debris.

Also, she’s bendy.  We know Dean like’s bendy.

This isn’t the time or place to go on about why I’m still Team Sam but Team Dean needs to step up and get behind their man here.  Doesn’t he deserve a little happiness?



~ by doublebitch on September 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Unpopular Opinon Time with DB – Supernatural Edition”

  1. I totally argee! I liked Lisa when she popped up on the show. I’m a bit apprehensive about season six but I’m gonna give it a try. Dean deserves his happy ending and well the writer’s will probably kill of Lisa like they have done with all the female stars! I liked Bella and Ruby version one too, they added a little variety to the mix.

  2. At this point the only recurring roles who are still alive (or haven’t died at least once), if I remember correctly are Bobby and the Ghostfacers. So, yeah things don’t look good for Lisa.

  3. Well the post wasn’t really about whether she would die or not. It’s about her being something he deserves and I kinda wish the show had ended so that I could have happily ever after dreams about them being together.

    That said, I really don’t think they’ll kill her. I don’t think they’ll kill Ben and if they kill his mom it’s just continuing the broken boys theme in a way that takes away from the significance of the Winchesters as unique (minus the devil/angel chosen one stuff)

  4. But I don’t see how they can not kill them and still have Dean get his happy ending. “Oh hey my brother’s alive again, hey honey I’m gonna go hunt with him for a year or so, see ya then!”

  5. Oh I’m fully aware that the powers that be will not give a shit about what I think. I know they’re doomed but I just don’t think they’ll kill her. I also think fandom should be more open to wicked characters even if they get to sleep with their most favoritest fictional character.

  6. I was openly rooting for a Sam/Bella/Dean love triangle. I’ve never understood that particular fandom quirk. Personally, I’d love my favourites to get the sexing.

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