Back Together Again

After a year of being split up, the CW has put Smallville and Supernatural back together (and on Friday, which actually makes Thursday watchness a lot less crowded), so I figured I’d put my thoughts on both premieres together as well.

First up, Smallville. This was a very interesting premiere. First of all, with the clones they totally brought in a way for Rosenbaum to come back without the need to shave his head (though it was weird that the Evil Clone Lex was bald, considering that isn’t genetic). We also got the return of Total Douchebag Jor-El from the early seasons. Recently he’s either been quiet or helpful, so I really liked this.

Oh and speaking of liking things, this was some of the best use of Ollie they’ve done, even if the Chloe trade felt like a random way to get her out of the show for a while. But there were clearly two standout performances in this ep: Erica Durance and Schneidy. Having Lois know Clark’s secret but not tell him was really a great move. The scene with the two of them in the Planet archive room was really great.

But it was the Pa Kent scene that stole the episode, as I knew it would. It was the Jor-El Douchebag/Pa Kent combo that was needed to kick Clark in the butt and get him a bit more proactive with his heroing, I think. I’m betting we’ll be seeing a Clark for the rest of this season much more like the kid from the first few seasons.

Now, SPN. I’m… really not sure about this. In some was I absolutely loved it, in others not so much. First off, Lisa is alive! Yayyy! I also like that Dean chose to stay with them, and that (at least for a while) it looks like Sam and Dean are going to be on different paths. I think that’s the best possible resolution to where Kripke left Dean at the end of last season. I also loved the little heart-to-heart between them at the end, and why Sammy wants Dean back with him.

Now, what I’m not sure about, first and foremost, is Samuel and the Campbell clan. As far as other hunters the boys have run across over the course of the show, they’re… probably my least favourite. I’m also not convinced Samuel is on the up-and-up, but if he isn’t it’s worrying that Sam wouldn’t have caught on by now.

Also, needs more Cas.

For the first time ever, I actually think I’m more interested in Smallville than I am in SPN, so we’ll see how this plays out.



~ by Jerk on September 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Back Together Again”

  1. I have a lot more to say but I think I’ll take to my own post to do it but I will say here that I agree, it needs more Cas.

    I get why we’re waiting but what shocks me the most is that I didn’t realize what an integral part of the show he had become until he was missing. An ep without Bobby’s not such a big deal but an ep without Cas feels wrong. It’s like the brotherly vibe is crooked. I dont know. Interesting though.

  2. I miss Cas too, but I’m not in a hurry to see him. I’d rather savour the moments we have him. The brotherly bonds needed to be reworked for the show to continue. Cas being there would just underline how different things are now and it was better done more subtly.

    Because of Corin Nemec I was prone to like the Campbell clan better and tolerate them even with the possibility of them turning out to be bad.

    I’m hopeful again, which is more than could be said after Swan Song.

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