Eclectic Sundays

For years I’ve found it strange how Sundays had stopped being a big night for TV (you know, for people who don’t give a shit about the NFL), but all of a sudden I’ve got four shows I watch on Sunday nights, making it one of the biggest TV nights for me. And what an unusual combination of shows it is!

There’s the new Canadian genre goodness of Lost Girl, the awesome period crime and Buscemi-ness of Boardwalk Empire (which I’ve been meaning to blog about to a further extent), the comedic tragedy of Eastbound & Down, and the just-plain-awesome that is the Venture Bros. This is by far the most diverse night of programming that I watch, and to think I can’t remember the last time I even had this many shows to watch on a weekend, let alone ones this good! So uh, thanks HBO/Showcase/Adult Swim!

Also, a quick note on Venture Bros, because I really don’t have enough for a full post of its own: HOLY CRAP! Every Which Way But Zeus was quite possibly the best episode of the series to date! Season four may just beat out its predecessor!



~ by Jerk on September 27, 2010.

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