Supernatural's Baby Bump

The second week in to the season, I’m glad to see things return to their natural order where Supernatural was better than Smallville.  This episode – Two and a half men – brought back something that the show really got down pat in Season 5, plot and novelty at the same time.  The major progression here was with Dean and Lisa, who I still love by the way.  She’s not going to die!  I’m happy about that.  We also continued to develop on Sam’s new personality and left me continually suspicious of the Campbell clan but let’s break this down one at a time.

New Sam.  Well, as some of our readers may know I sit on a strange divide when it comes to the boys Winchester.  I’m much more of a Jensen Ackles fan but I’m also routinely Team Sam.   Jensen has knocked it out of the park in both of these episodes.  They’ve been Dean centric and he’s hit every note you’d expect him to.  This ep even featured some of that great physical comedy we love.  Oh I was happy to see Sam be the one stuffing his face for once.   Jensen praise aside New Sam is well, New.  It’s hard to latch on to him like I used to.  In the past season Dean was so involved in his own butthurt that he didn’t see how hard Sam was working to be good.  He sacrificed himself for the world damnit!  But magically restored Sam seems stupid and while gullible, Sam has never been stupid.  Sam is clinging to family, pushing Dean to a real life but then begging him to come back.  He gave him the “you’re just like dad” guilt trip too.  As much as I’m ready to see my boys back together, the vibe is strange but I suppose that’s to be expected.   Lastly, Sam needs a haircut.

Now the Campbell clan.  We’re clearly being led to think Samuel is up to something.  Did the guy from Flashpoint die in this episode?  I thought he did but not much was made of it.  I hate how easily Sam is trusting them, but I guess we didn’t see that whole year of buildup.  My problem with Grandpa et all is that I never really hooked on to their line in the first place.  I was resistant to the whole “mom was a hunter” thing.  It works well to support the story that John was a reluctant hunter but to me it’s always been an after thought.  I like my story lines to feel organic.  Samuel hasn’t done enough to prove to me that he’s family.  We still haven’t been given a good family tree on who these other people are.   I would have liked to have seen some shared traits between them to bond them but so far they remind me more of just other random hunters who usually end up trying to kill Sam and Dean.

This could have easily been a throw away comedy ep but they layerd it with emotional beats and topped it off with a good dose of car porn.  I’m glad our girl is back.



~ by doublebitch on October 2, 2010.

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