Jerk's Freshman Rundown

Now that we’re several weeks into the new season, I think it’s time to take a look at the new shows and see how they’re doing. I’m watching 5 new series this year: Lost Girl, Boardwalk Empire, No Ordinary Family, The Event, and Running Wilde.

Let’s start with Lost Girl, which I already talked about a bit. This is still a fun little genre show, something like a street-level Xena set in modern times. Especially surprising how much I’m liking it considering its Canadian-ness. Favourite character? Kenzi, hands down.

Next we’ve got Running Wilde, from Mitchell Hurwitz and Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame. They also brought along another AD alumn in David Cross, so this seems like something I’d naturally love. The pilot was pretty good, but by the third episode I’m really loving this series. With both HIMYM and 30 Rock a bit weak this year, and Parks and Rec not coming back until midseason, it looks like Running Wilde will be the top comedy this fall (Kyle: be quiet about Modern Family).

Boardwalk Empire is going to be compared to The Sopranos a lot. I get this, both are series on HBO that revolve around organized crime, and the creator of BE was even a producer and writer on The Sopranos. But Boardwalk Empire is a very different show. A period drama with absolutely spectacular visuals, this is the best recreation of the era (1920) I’ve ever seen committed to film.

Now I went into The Event hopeful, but expecting Flashforward 2.0 and for the first half of the pilot I thought that was what we had, but by the end of the first episode I was intrigued enough to keep watching. The second episode was leagues better, and I actually think they hurt themselves by not having a 2-hour premiere. The Event really does seem to fill a gap in programming made last year, but the odd thing is that they’ve been trying to convince everyone that gap is Lost, when it’s actually 24. The conspiracy, the race to uncover it, it all feels like 24 + Science Fiction – Jack Bauer.

Lastly we have No Ordinary Family. This is the weakest of the shows, and the one I’ll most likely drop if I end up having too many shows this year but this isn’t to say that it’s bad. The show is visually very nice, far better than Heroes ever was, and the cast is good. As far as ‘normal people dealing with superpowers’ I think it’s kicking Heroes’ ass, but we’ll see how well it progresses.

So overall, this is a pretty awesome year for new shows. Five of them, and almost a month in I’m still watching all of them!



~ by Jerk on October 9, 2010.

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