Cougar Town Gets Heartbroken

When Cougar Town came back for it’s second season it snuck in through the side door like an old friend.  The premiere came and went without much hurrah.  It felt like just another episode.  Perhaps that’s a technique in the half hour sit-com that I’m not as familiar with.  I really don’t watch much from the half hour comedy genre these days and the hour drama department seems to pull out all the stops for the premiere and finale of each season.

I really enjoy that so much of the show has stayed the same.  They’ve kept the set of characters they’ve introduced and I wouldn’t say that any of the characters are fundementally any different than they were at the beginning of the first season.  They’ve grown and progressed but the people are the same.  That’s a hard ballance to keep over so much time.

This is a show where I truly enjoy all of the characters.  There isn’t a weak one in the bunch but they have started to progress.   We’ve got Travis off at school, Jules and Grayson together and surprisingly adult and functional but to contrast this they’ve pushed Bobby to a rather lonely lifestyle and broke up poor Laurie’s one true love.   I generally don’t speculate on writers decisions in shows like this but I hope they’re not using Laurie and Smith’s breakup as a gimmick.  I also wish it hadn’t happened at all.  Each character on that show is there to be juxtaposed against Jules.  Laurie was there to be the wounded girl, her ne’er do well sister but as Jules begins to succeed in her own life, that allows room for Laurie to do so in hers as well.  Just a little.

Maybe I’ve disproved my own point but Busy Philips is amazing in this show and I loved Laurie and Smith and Bobby deserves a girl damnit.  AND I liked Greyson better when he was a nasty whore.  Now he’s just the butt of the joke.



~ by doublebitch on October 14, 2010.

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