Smallville Feels Like Home

Smallville’s 200th episode was everything I’d wished for and more.  While the “Arm Chair Bloggers” jab stung a little (I don’t even own an arm chair thankyouverymuch), the episode left me wanting more in all the right ways.
It was great to have that throwback but they didn’t make a gimic of bringing back old actors and they didn’t turn it into a clip show like they easily could have.  They grabbed the bull by the horns because I believe that they have a lot of story to tell this season.  All the chips are on the table.

I’m proud of my little show that could.  I never gave up on Smallville.  I’ve seen every episode, good and bad and really bad and I’ve always found something I enjoyed about it.

This week we got a real shot into the future with LOADS of fan fodder.  I’m not sure how I feel about Green Arrow going all public with things.  Anyone know how that fits into his back story?  Every hero fights with those issues but it never seemed the front runner for that character (outside of Smallville).

I have to admit when Ollie said that he lost someone he loved, I at first thought he was talking about Lois.  That’s what happens when you pass your girls around like Thanksgiving dinner rolls. I am truly happy with the Ollie/Chloe storyline though.  I know, at first it seemed contrived and unnecessary but I like it.  I believe it and I’m willing to overlook it’s non-cannon-ness because they’re blonde and they’re supposed to be together.  That is how tv relationships work right? by hair colour?

Durance and Welling knocked it out of the park in this ep.  Smallville has finally become the love story they were trying to make it for the first 6 seasons.   Brainiac5 was a cool addition too.  Bringing in the Legion rings really opens up a whole world for them.  I would have been happy to see this episode as a movie.  It went by so quickly.  2 hours might have been nice.

I’m going to go back to saying that Smallville is dominating the CW Friday night line-up.  Sniffle.


P.S. The Lifehouse throwback was perfect.


~ by doublebitch on October 20, 2010.

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