Greys Live!

This week Grey’s Anatomy took on a ‘docudrama’  live, reality show feel.  I remember ER doing something like this back in the day, probably more than once.  The Hospital drama lends itself easily to that style but it left me asking why?  Is there not enough reality on tv? and scripted reality at that?  I just don’t think we need to be encouraging our audiences towards this style anymore than they are already trapped in it.

The one thing it did serve to do was to move time forward in a way that the show’s normal format doesn’t allow for.  Big things happened.  Have we seen the last of Torres and Arizona?

As far as the season so far goes, I’m not sure I’m on board with the whole Yang/Hunt marriage bit.  I like Derek and Mer trying to have kids.  Bailey seems a little… all over the place, for a character that’s been so strong through so many things she seems a bit of a wreck right now.  Karev back in Peds is nice to see, though they’re acting like he’s never shown a strength there before, when he was clearly headed in that direction with Addison before they gave him two insane and useless girlfriends.

It’s not great but it’s watchable, if you’re caught up in the characters.  They’re still trying to move on from the finale and I think it’s about time they truly do.



~ by doublebitch on October 31, 2010.

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