Crossovers Suck

I just read an rpg ad seeking a storyline between Supernatural’s Dean Winchester and True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse.

Now the fact that there’s a bad idea in the world of fandom role playing, or fiction is not even slightly shocking but this pair is down right terrible.  Sookie Stackhouse would drive Dean crazy in a matter of seconds.  Maybe the writer hasn’t been following along but the only thing that makes Sookie so attractive is her Fae ancestry which doesn’t have the same effect on humans.  Sookie is pitied and seen as the crazy one in her community.  She’s brash and hard headed.  Dean Winchester is also both of those things.  I just can’t see the two curling up on the couch in front of a fire, not to mention she’d fall in love with every monster that crossed his path.  She may be one of the only girls, short of Lisa to be able to handle or believe the whole Michael’s vessel thing though.

What do you think? Could Sookie and Dean ever work?

Whats the best/worst crossover you’ve ever heard of?

– DoubleBitch


~ by doublebitch on November 6, 2010.

One Response to “Crossovers Suck”

  1. I think Dean/Buffy would be much better. She’s far less annoying than Sookie, plus Dean’s kinda like half-Riley, half-Angel.

    I’d have to think a while on the best/worst part. Does Willow/Vampire Willow count as a ‘crossover’? Because… I rather liked that one.

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