The Re-Watch

Lately, more and more people are digging into the past to re-watch their favorite shows.   I’ve seen a number of different fan groups running their own ‘re-watch’ marathons or hosted nights where fans watch from the beginning and get together to chat about their favorite parts.  This is also a great time for someone new to jump into a show without feeling left out.  Check out the Being Human re-watch over at

Personally, I’ve found myself not only picking up shows I somehow missed along the way but just plain going back and starting things from the beginning again.  This fall, I’ll be honest, I’ve kinda missed Heroes.  Today I marathonned a couple discs while cleaning the house.  Sure, part of it’s probably nostalgia and part of it’s Milo Ventimiglia, but it’s nice to refresh yourself on how things used to be, back when you first fell in love with a show.  A couple things have really stood out to me on second viewing.  First, there never was enough Sylar in this show.  2. Mohinder’s accent was horrid in the the pilot.  3. Niki was never an interesting character and I still don’t understand how her mental instability is considered a power. 4. The camera work used to be amazing in this show.  Shots were so carefully thought out.  Maybe it’s bad memory but a lot of the style was lost over the years.  Oh and 5, Parkman’s wife was always a bitch.

I’ve also picked up a couple shows that are still on but I missed the boat on.  I’ve rounded out the first season of Mad Men and am really enjoying how none of the characters are entirely good.  The show is a nice slow burn but a little depressing so far.  I caught the pilot of Breaking Bad after this past week’s Walking Dead episode and really enjoyed that.  It will be going on my to-do list.  Now if only would make their service worth while…

What are you re-watching?  What old shows are you just now getting into?



~ by doublebitch on November 11, 2010.

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