Jerk's Favourite Scenes: Human Target S1

Saying as my favourite freshman show of 2009 finally decided to get off it’s ass and start a second season this week, I figured I’d celebrate with a list! One of the things I really love about Human Target is the fact that it really tries to come up with original set pieces, things you really haven’t seen before. So here are my five faves from the first season, in no particular order:

1.) Winning a fight by getting punched in the head.

At first I was a little hesitant about the premise of this episode because, well most times when a show tries to stick in MMA they fail. But making the guy break his hand punching you so he couldn’t defend himself anymore? That’s a pretty cool twist.

2.) Museum fight!

The good guys and the bad guys run into each other in the back of a museum, and fight with whatever is at hand. This of course includes shield bashing, shield throwing, and the classic halberd-vs-flail matchup.

3.) Upside-down plane.

There’s a fire on the plane, of course flipping that 747 over is the only way to put it out! My favourite part is how the fact that the plane was inverted freaked the nav computer out so badly it needed to be rebooted.

4.) Fight inside a moving car.

A bit of suspension of disbelief is needed for the part where the car is speeding through traffic even though nobody is hitting the gas, but c’mon, how awesome is it to see the guy in the back seat attack the two guys in the front seats? This is the new Shotgun Game.

5.) Tango fight!

Step one: assume Emmanuelle Vaugier is a prostitute. Step two: have extremely flirty fight scene. Step three: almost get poisoned to death. That’s really all you need for a quality set piece, right there.

So that’s a quick glance at the five bits of Human Target season one that I liked best. And here’s hoping that season two is as stuffed with geekly awesome guest stars, humour, and action as the first. And… you know, that Fox doesn’t cancel it.



~ by Jerk on November 16, 2010.

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