How I Met Your Continuity Errors

Taken as a standalone episode, this week’s HIMYM was pretty great. It had  more Zoey, and Hurley! That’s some win right there. Unfortunately, they decided once again to ignore the existing continuity. Not even for a joke this time, it was just lazyness.

You see, like a lot of shows HIMYM airs in ‘real time’, in that each season is a year, the episodes that air around holidays take place at those holidays, etc. As the pilot is when the group meets Robin, they obviously met her in the fall of 2005. I’m pretty sure they actually state that in the pilot, but I’m not going back to confirm. In this week’s ep, the one flashback has Hurley say “I just got Madden 2K1 and I can’t stop thinking about it.” and Robin is at the table. She doesn’t even really have any lines in the scene, they just didn’t bother to keep the continuity straight and not have her in the group.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed blatant continuity errors in HIMYM (hell, this isn’t even the first time I’ve ranted about it on the blog), and this probably doesn’t bother less OCD people nearly as much as it does me, but it seriously takes me out of the episode when shit like this happens. Another continuity error, Ted being so adamant that he hates Zoey, when the last time we saw them together they were slow dancing. And that was my Zoey segue.

When it comes to Zoey, the fact the writers seem to have decided to ignore continuity when it suits them is actually a good thing. Follow my logic: Zoey is awesome. She may even pass Victoria from season one as my favourite Potential Mother. The only problem is that if you look at the ‘clues’ we’ve been given so far, Zoey really can’t be the Mother. I mean, why would this rich guy’s trophy wife have been a college girl’s roommate 8 months ago? Of course, why would a current college girl have been having near-misses with the group going back to 2005?

So ignoring any continuity reasons that would negate Zoey from being the Mother, what do we have? We’ve got an awesome character, who has great chemistry with Ted, and easily the best storyline of any girl Ted’s met to date. Plus if she is the Mother, they’ve got seasons of story to go through between where she is now, and marrying Ted. I think this would be an awesome arc, and if they do it, the continuity errors will be redeemed in my eyes.



~ by Jerk on November 28, 2010.

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