Good Night Sweet King of Hell

This week’s episode of Supernatural saw the end of the demon known as Crowley, so I thought I’d take a bit of time to talk about what made Crowley awesome. I mean, what apart from Mark Sheppard made him awesome.

When Crowley first showed up, he toed the line between being grudgingly helpful to the boys, and being… well, a demon. This season, with his elevation to King of Hell, Crowley no longer needed to act helpful and became a full-on villain. Which of course is why he’s now dead.

Personally, I felt Crowley was more interesting when he was the King of the Crossroads, his plan to find Purgatory was a little… underdeveloped. But while Crowley the Demon fighting for the future of Hell was my fave, Crowley the Empire-Building King of Hell was also pretty awesome. The idea of a demon, someone who at one point (and honestly, a point not that long ago in the history of Hell) was human is really interesting. With Lucifer, Hell was a prison he didn’t want to be in. With Crowley, Hell had a leader who understood what was needed, the process of converting the dead to demons, basically all of the bureaucracy of managing Hell.

I’ve got to say, for a guy who started as a tailor, he’s really learned the business side of being a demon quite well over the past 350 years. Or maybe the lack of a soul just naturally makes you a better businessman. Crowley is very shrewd, and he has a demeanor that makes it easy for people to believe what he tells them. This obviously helped him climb the ladder as a crossroads demon (or did he invent the crossroads branch of demon-ery?), as well as convincing the boys he’d be able to return Sam’s soul, and that he’d purposefully left it behind.

The most shocking thing about Crowley’s death is that… well, the direction the season was heading kinda just came to a jarring halt. The whole thing with the Alphas and Purgatory…. not much point if the guy behind it all is a pile of ash, huh?

Wait, what was this article about? Oh yeah, R.I.P. Crowley.



~ by Jerk on December 5, 2010.

One Response to “Good Night Sweet King of Hell”

  1. I haven’t seen the next episode yet but I’ll be waiting to see what they do with this. The entire story has felt to me. I bet they jump into whatever the hell Cas has been doing. The brothers are apart but together and somehow the story still isn’t about them. eh

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