I Miss Lost

This isn’t just a post about Lost, but on my view of the changing television landscape over the past year. This has to do with other shows as well, ones that have ended such as 24 and Sarah Connor Chronicles, and also shows that I feel have declined in comparison to past seasons, such as 30 Rock and Supernatural. But I’m going to use Lost as my primary example.

Back when Lost was on, I had much more of a sense of anticipation for the next episode. The days you got to watch a new episode were special, and the weeks the show would be off were keenly felt. I’m not saying that I don’t like shows now, there are several freshmen series that I’m really enjoying, it’s just… if they aren’t on, that’s okay with me. The urgency I got from Lost (or 24 or BSG) just isn’t there anymore. I’ve ruminated on the subject, and I think the reason behind it is tied in with my next point.

Characters. Lost had such strong characters, even the ones you disliked were still awesome. It seems like, for whatever reason, the new shows just aren’t catching me with their characters the same way. Well, except for Lost Girl (and honestly, I think TWD would be too, but the fact that I’m also watching it from the perspective of finding the similarities and differences when compared to the comic kinda holds me back from full emotional investment). When it comes to the shows that I feel are in decline, like HIMYM or SPN, it seems like the characters have evolved to the point where they’re actually different versi0ns of themselves, ones I find I don’t like as much.

Honestly, I think with shows like Lost, 24 and BSG, we as viewers were spoiled. They raised the bar, and as much as I like… say, The Event, it just doesn’t reach that same pinnacle. Which isn’t a bad thing, I just need to learn not to compare what I’m currently watching to these shows, to take them for what they are.

Or maybe I should start watching more cable shows.



~ by Jerk on December 12, 2010.

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