JDB's 12 Days of Awesome Characters – Day 12

Name: Laurie Keller

Age: 20 something

Last Seen: In Jules Cob’s kitchen sipping red wine before noon.

Strengths: Trailer trash talk, opening beer with her teeth, blending in anywhere

Weaknesses: Men (Smithhh) and her mother.

Why She’s Awesome: Laurie is one strong bitch who can hold her own.  She’s got big hair, a big voice and no shame which makes her the perfect sidekick to Jules.  She will fight anyone that comes her way and has a story for everything.  She isn’t embarrassed by her white trash upbringing  and uses it to her advantage when her friends don’t know what to do.  I love Laurie because she always makes me laugh.  She’s a good friend to Jules and also fits in fine with Travis.  As wrong as it would be, I really do see those two hooking up somewhere down the road.

Bonus Points: Wearing 11 outfits in one episode and dressing up as another character for Halloween.


~ by doublebitch on December 14, 2010.

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