Weeds Coasts to the Finish

I’m not sure I’m really a good judge of what’s good or bad about Weeds seeing as I’m really not a Nancy Botwin fan.  I think we’re coming into the season of the anti-hero with shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Leverage and even Justified, where the lead is a seriously flawed and not particularly good person.  I just plain don’t enjoy Nancy Botwin.  I find her flawed to the point of annoyance. She’s self centered and destructive but somehow still the hero of the story.  I think my continued viewing rested solidly on the shoulders of the Botwin men or should we say Newman.

The boys really came into their own this year, Silas searched out his identity and continued to shine as the moral center of the group.  Shane became hilarious and ten times as interesting when he became a makeshift Mexican mobster.  Andy found love in Alanis and proved himself as all in.  Doug became more of a joke than he ever was and the plot barely pulled it through the 13 episodes.  Losing Celia and her daughter was really felt this season and more than ever they’re needing the return of some old characters like Conrad, who is currently busy following Chiklis around on No Ordinary Family.

Both Hunter Parrish and Alexander Gould pulled off some great performances this season and baby Stevie held his own too.  The “we’re on the run” storyline was a neat idea but it took the characters out of their home and made it more obvious than ever that the show isn’t anything like the show we started watching in 2005.



~ by doublebitch on December 14, 2010.

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