JDB’s 12 Days of Awesome Characters – Day 10

Name: Manny Delgado

Age: 12

Last Seen: Reading Hemingway, wearing a suit and contemplating the meaning of life and true love.

Strengths: His deep understanding of women, his mother and people in general.

Weaknesses: He’s a true romantic at heart and wears his heart on his sleeve which leaves him prone to heartache.

Why He’s Awesome: Manny is a truly old soul in a 12 year old Columbian boy’s body.  He can wear anything he sets his mind to – fedoras, ponchos, ruffly shirts, anything! He  plays the perfect straight man to his step father’s foibles in love.  He had a mid life crisis before his 12th birthday.  The mere fact that he’s survived life with his mother for this many years is proof of his awesomeness.

Bonus Points: An addiction to espresso, a burgundy dinner jacket and picking up grown women on the internet.

OOC bonus points: Rico has his own clothing line.


~ by doublebitch on December 16, 2010.

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