JDB’s 12 Days of Awesome Characters – Day 8

Name: Lois Lane

Age: 20-something

Last Seen: Shopping for suggestive costumes and saving Clark Kent’s ass.

Strengths: A deep curiosity, journalistic integrity and a high tolerance for insane shit.

Weaknesses: Spelling, is easily knocked out or captured and has a fondness for anything ‘special’ that likes leather and tights.

Why She’s Awesome: Finally back to her truest brunette form, Lois is better than ever.  She proves herself every week as a worthy partner for the man of steel.  Her ability to love Clark with a patience that was totally lost on Lana brings the show back to it’s center and refreshes a strong forward drive to every new ridiculous plot.

Bonus Points: She not only stood up to her father but was ready to stand up to Jor-El too!


~ by doublebitch on December 18, 2010.

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