JDB's 12 Days of Awesome Characters – Day 7

Name: Guerrero

Age: Mid-40’s

Last Seen: Stuffing some guy into his trunk.

Strengths: Guerrero is a quick thinker, very good under pressure, and has a tendency to say ‘dude’ way too much. He’s both a crack shot and an expert hacker.

Weaknesses: If not for his strong relationship with Chance, Guerrero would be even more of a ruthless sociopath than he is already.

Why He’s Awesome: The standout member of a team of standouts, Guerrero is the most calm and level-headed member of the Human Target team. Chance has so little care for his well-being that it borders on ‘death wish’ and Winston tends to get very emotional when their plans go awry. Guerrero is a composite professional. He has a sweet moustache, and even though he’s physically small, he has a demeanor that can intimidate anyone.

Bonus Points: A wonderfully sharp and biting sense of humour.


~ by Jerk on December 19, 2010.

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