JDB's 12 Days of Awesome Characters – Day 5

Name: Evil Wil Wheaton

Age: 38

Last Seen: Plotting. And scheming.

Strengths: Evil Wil Wheaton is not limited to just one show. Sure, on Big Bang Theory his character actually IS Wil Wheaton, so that could be said to be the most pure version of Evil Wil Wheaton, but in the end any time you’ve got a) a character played by Wil Wheaton who is b) evil, they fit. From The Guild to Leverage, all are part of the ever growing Evil Wil Wheaton army.

Weaknesses: None are known, save mild hubris.

Why He’s Awesome: Evil Wil Wheaton is both a geek and a villain, which is something that basically never happens in mainstream fiction. He’s ruthless and cunning when it comes to obscure card games. He knows all the memes and he will use them against you!

Bonus Points: He’s Wil Wheaton. Except…. y’know, evil.


~ by Jerk on December 21, 2010.

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