JDB’s 12 Days of Awesome Characters – Day 2

Name: Eric Northman

Age: physically 30, actually 1,070

Last Seen: Escaping from a concrete burial to spill the beans on the lying Bill Compton

Strengths: Sexiness, super strength and speed.. general vampire-ness, Business savy oh and flight

Weaknesses: Silver, Wooden Stakes, Fire, Sunlight, Family and Loyalty manipulation

Why He’s Awesome: Eric is the Brian Kinney of  the southern vampire universe.  He’s smart yet impulsive,  he’s passionate yet cold when needed and always calculating in his actions.  He’ll do anything to fix a situation in his favor or the favor of those in his.. favor.  Did I mention he’s sexy?

Bonus Points: Awesome kills, witty lines and even if it’s gone his sweet sweet hair.


~ by doublebitch on December 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “JDB’s 12 Days of Awesome Characters – Day 2”

  1. I think “He’s a viking.” should have been included in there somewhere.

  2. I agree. He’s a viking.

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