JDB's 12 Days of Awesome Characters – Day 1

Name: Benjamin Linus

Age: late-40’s

Last Seen: Getting punched in the face several times.

Strengths: Ben is a master strategist, someone who always has a plan. Or at least, someone who is able to hide the fact that he doesn’t when his plans fall apart. He’s cold and calculating, and always willing to do whatever has to be done.

Weaknesses: His intelligence comes with hubris, so he has a hard time believing anyone could outsmart him. He also doesn’t like to trust or rely on others.

Why He’s Awesome: Ben’s arc through Lost’s final season was one of redemption, after making his biggest mistake ever by shanking Jacob. Seeing him learn how to not be the guy in charge, watching him accept help and join with Jack, and eventually become Hurley’s Number Two. This was a completely new direction for Ben, but through it all he was just as awesome as he had been leading the Others.

Bonus Points: In the purgatory-zone he was a high school history teacher.


~ by Jerk on December 25, 2010.

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