There's Jumping the Shark…

And then there’s fucking it.   If you’re not into Supernatural spoilers, I suggest you turn away now.

For a show that’s already done the jumping the shark episode, had the guys go to their own fan convention and hinted at or crossed every fandom line just to tickle or torture their audience I’m cringing at their next move.  Zap2it reports that an upcoming ep will feature Mrs Padalecki, formerly Ruby 2.0 again but not back from the undead like you’d expect.  No, they’re busting through the 4th wall with jackhammers with an episode that is about Jared and Jensen.

HOLD UP.  I remember when they were talking about doing Ghostfacers and we here at jdb got pretty worried.  Scrap that, I’m back with a full on panic.  I’d like to go on the record do say this is a really really bad idea.  The show has barely held on to any arc this year and throwing in an ep that will take us so far out of the game doesn’t seem wise.  They will probably also manage to pull a Smallville and insult their entire fanbase in the process but we’re all dumb enough that we’ll probably shrug it off.  I mean, we’re all used to the ridicule anyway.

One thing I do applaud and always have is Mrs Ackles wisdom to distance herself from this entire thing.  I think it takes much more confident and brave people to do their own thing and be good at it.  I’m looking forward to seeing her show “Friends With Benefits” on NBC which has yet to get a premiere date.



~ by doublebitch on January 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “There's Jumping the Shark…”

  1. I… they… Oh ffs, people. I thought the antics were done with the changing of the guard…

  2. I don’t understand why out of any returning characters they would choose GC. She is not a good actress. It feels like it’s more about PR than being true to the show. Disappointing.

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