Moody Blues

As our current header denotes, it is once again time for our favourite writer to return to the screen. Tonight the fourth season of Californication finally premiered, and it was damn good. Last season, I’d expressed concerns about how the show was progressing. The third season was unquestionably hilarious, but it was really treading water in terms of plot progression.

So far the fourth season is looking like it keeps the comedy at the requisite high level, while also providing a solid set of plotlines for the season to follow, all nicely connected directly to Hank: we’ve got the overarching thread of his trial, his career with the Fucking and Punching movie, and his attempts at reconciliation with his family. This should be plenty of meat for twelve episodes, unlike last season’s thinly-stretched ‘Professor Moody’ storyline.

As for the new cast members, I’ve loved Carla Gugino since Spin City (and she had the best line of the episode, see our QotD), so I’m quite happy to see her here. Addison Timlin was previously unknown to me, but she plays Sasha as smart and likable, with enough resemblance to Madeline Zima’s Mia to be playing her in the F&P movie. To put on my Old Man Pants for a minute though, it does seem a tad weird seeing someone born in the nineties runnin’ ’round all nekkid.

So in conclusion, with a television season during which all the sitcoms I watch seem to be in slumps, It looks like this may just be the best season of Californication to date.



~ by Jerk on January 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “Moody Blues”

  1. I see lots of writing. No mention of Doctor Who. *Shakes head disappointedly*

  2. Well, I’ve got something else British up now, is that good enough?

  3. No. Try again, damnit.

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