Jerk Talks About Comedies

This was going to be a post just about the return of P+R (finally!), but then I noticed that I haven’t actually said anything about the other sitcoms I watch this season, aside from HIMYM. So now this is going to be about all of them. Okay? Okay.

I’ll start with the easiest to talk about, The Office. Haven’t watched a single episode, gave up on it after they did the clip show last season. From what I’ve heard, it never really got any better.

Big Bang Theory has been something of a surprise. For three full seasons the show sat in a rut, having a premise with potential but never reaching it or having any lasting changes to the characters. While the five mains are still pretty much exactly as they were in the pilot, the additions of Bernadette and Amy Farrah Fowler have really helped progress the series. On top of this, the writing has really improved. With the exception of 4.12, they seem to have left the old trope of ‘Sheldon annoys the rest of the group’ behind. Easily the best season to date.

On a significantly worse note we have How I Met Your Mother. Wow. I really don’t know what’s happened here, I can remember so many amazing episodes, laughing out loud almost constantly through them. Now… there have been a couple of good episodes this season, that edged close to the great peaks the show used to regularly reach, but there have also been a lot of meh eps. They’re letting the story arcs take precedence over the comedy, while at the same time making more and more continuity errors. If they make Zoey the Mother and bring the comedy back full force, they may be able to help right the ship. As it stands, HIMYM is approaching Office territory.

30 Rock has also had a less-than-stellar season. Earlier on, around… say 6 or 7 eps in I would have said it was actually worse than HIMYM, but the last few 30 Rocks have been better, while the last few HIMYMs have been worse. As it stands I’d say this season is tied with the first for the weakest of the series. There’s no one thing I can put my finger on, it’s the same show just less funny.

Parks and Recreation is back after far too long. For my money the second season was one of the best seasons a sitcom has had, not a single weak episode in the bunch. We’re just one episode in, but the third season looks to be just as good as the second. P+R hits the all the right notes, intelligent characters, plot progression, character development, everything happening while continuing to be really funny. Adding Adam Scott and Rob Lowe to the cast was a great move, and looks to have given the third season an overarching plotline for the Parks Department.

I also watched Running Wilde, which after a rocky couple of episodes found it’s stride and was quite funny with a great cast. Not anywhere near the quality of Arrested Development, but watchable and it’s too bad it got FOX’d.

So that’s it for my network sitcoms. This is the part where people once again tell me I need to watch Community and Modern Family.



~ by Jerk on January 21, 2011.

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