Gods of the Arena

Spartacus is back! The series, not the character, as this second series takes place years before the first began. So even though it doesn’t have the titular character nor follow up on the plot of the previous season, is it good? Ohhh yes.

First of all, this is the kind of ‘verse building stuff I love. Blood and Sand was Spartacus’ story, and as such Batiatus was the antagonist. In Gods of the Arena, he’s the protagonist as we see him attempt to build his ludus’ notoriety. On top of that, we get to see that years past, Solonius and Batiatus were actually good friends, which is very interesting considering where the story goes. I’m also looking forward to seeing Crixus go through his gladiatorial training, and Oenomaus rising to the position of Doctore. Will we see Ashur get injured?

On top of all the great ‘verse building, we also get some new characters, primary among them Gannicus. He is quite possibly the most gifted fighter we’ve seen in the series, though in stark contrast to the other fighters he’s extremely proud, full of hubris and a penchant for grandstanding. Obviously, he won’t survive the series, unfortunately. My prediction: Batiatus sells him and he has to fight either Oenomaus or Crixus in the opening games of the new arena. His blindfolded fight in this ep may just be the best one of the series to date.

The worst part of Gods of the Arena is that now I have to wait another week for the next gore-and-boob-filled episode.



~ by Jerk on January 22, 2011.

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