Things I Miss

Not only are we on the cusp of having shows come back in full force after the holiday break, but January saw the long-awaited returns of several series: Top Gear, Spartacus, Californication, Robot Chicken, and Parks and Recreation. Somehow, having all of these things back has really just highlighted for me some of the things I find myself missing from the schedule, so I thought I’d share.

I miss Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It broke new ground for the Terminator franchise, and for the first time really made the war with Skynet feel like a truly temporal one. Having the series end where it did just made matters worse, rarely has a season finale made me crave what will come next like the SCC s2 finale.

I miss 24 and Lost. Despite the fact that I was happy with how both series ended, they did leave some very big shoes to fill. Both series were some of the most finely crafted television ever, and perfectly encapsulated the concept of ‘must-see tv’.

I miss Lost Girl. It’s hard to believe that it’s been just a month and a half since the finale aired, it feels so much longer than that. The show crafted such a wonderful fantasy world. so much better realized than most on TV, and filled it with interesting characters. The realization that there’s most likely still 7 months until the second season starts up is terrifying indeed. This Kenzi drought must end! Maybe I’ll start Life Unexpected for my Ksenia Solo fix…

Finally, I miss my old relationship with TV. There used to be shows that, for good reasons or bad would be able to motivate me to talk about them episode after episode. Now it isn’t uncommon to watch 6-12 new episodes in a week, and find very little I actually want to talk about. Whether this is a change in programming in general or me I’m not sure, but hopefully it reverts soon.



~ by Jerk on January 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “Things I Miss”

  1. I hear ya, I’m having that problem too. We’ve talked about it a lot but I don’t think its just us. I mean, there are some shows like Chuck and Supernatural that had me talking up a storm last year and I’m digging to find talking points and or having to force myself to watch in the first place.

    Can we really take the blame for that?

  2. I’m thinking we should really start getting into all those cable shows we haven’t gotten around to, but actually dropping series is hard.

  3. well I’ve made the first steps by just plain not starting a lot of network shows this year. I really haven’t picked up many new shows at all. And I’m watching more cable stuff but yeah, I need more too.

  4. You should watch Lost Girl, definitely my favourite show to debut in the past two years.

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