Grunny's Got A Gun

I love me some Grunny.  Yes I do.  News broke today that despite his role on some new Love-Hewitt show that filmed almost a year ago and has yet to find a premier date he’s been cast in a new A&E series called “Big Mike”

Guess what “Big Mike” is about.  Between the name and Grunny’s casting you can be pretty sure it’s about a fat cop.  Annnd yep, that’s what it is.  I’m happy to see him away from NBC and I’ll be happy to see him back on my tv and finally I’ll be extra happy to see him in a comedy but I wish the world could see him for something a little more.

This role on the possibly (sadly) dead before it gets out the door “Love Bites” had him as a tattoo artist.  That sounded fun!  The industry has him so stuck in the Cop or Dad role making fun of being overweight even when he slims down that they miss out on how many interesting characters I know are inside that man and no, he didn’t eat them.

Enough run on sentences.  I’ll be looking for Big Mike but don’t expect anything too new.  Then again, maybe they’re working on a “you can never get too much of a good thing” theory.  I guess I can go with that.  Now all they need to do is find a role for Brea Grant.



~ by doublebitch on February 2, 2011.

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