Run Grayson Run!

I think the main premise of Cougar Town is how insane Jules Cobb is but tonight’s Valentines Day episode is the first time I’ve found her utterly destructive to those around her.  Sure she’s got a really messed up relationship with her son but Dan Byrd’s character seems to be mentally equipt to deal with that.

Tonight she wanted Grayson to “break down” about his father’s death and kept mentioning such to his face.  “I’ve prepared some questions to get us on our way to breakdown city”  What?!  All this sweet tolerant man was trying to do was treat her well and her truest desire is to make him hurt.  I’m just glad he had the balls to walk away.

They somehow always manage to make Jules look like the sane one, I guess that’s a girl thing.  This is just a destructive character and I’m worried about how much longer that will continue to be funny.


P.S. I still don’t like Travis’ girlfriend.


~ by doublebitch on February 2, 2011.

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