White Collar Expositionary Bordem

Mozzie, white collar, weldingI like to count my blessings and on top of a safe home and a great family I’m thankful for the return of the USA network’s show White Collar.  Each week Burke, Caffrey and crew bring crime stories with great character development and twists that rival Leverage.  It’s wise that they don’t air at the same time.

This week brought us a great one off ep that dug into the back story of Neil and showcased the beautiful cast.  Diana is so essential to that crew and so flexible on the con.. er.. un-con.  I like that this show points out how thin the line is between crime and crime fighting.

All that praise aside, I really felt like this week was overacted.  The chemistry is undeniable between the series leads but the exposition speeches were dry and delivered in a way that really felt unbelievable.  Perhaps it’s the writing or maybe the actors were tired, or just plain bored of the methodical layout of the episodes but they need to find something to keep it fresh.  There are so many interesting characters in this show that they could easily shake up how all this information is delivered to the audience.

Bonus points:  Mozzie in mad scientist welding gear.  That’s a visual I will always remember.



~ by doublebitch on February 3, 2011.

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