The Koothrappali Fail

Honestly, I like Raj. I’m glad that this week’s BBT was one of the few to actually feature him as more important to the story. It used to be all about Sheldon annoying the rest of them, Penny being the one with boobs, and Leonard being whiny. With the addition of Bernadette, Howard’s become a bigger part of the series as well. This really just leaves Raj relegated to supporting the rest of the cast, so any attempt to let him shine I’m all for.

However, was a love triangle really the way to go? I mean, this was just about the lamest story they could come up with to give Raj the spotlight. Adding a love triangle is the most overused plot twist in serialized fiction, and unless the writers are incredibly smart with it, this will go nowhere and/or be very boring. I dunno, maybe I’m just annoyed because I’ve always been rooting for Raj and Howard to be all gay for each other.

It pains me to complain when BBT breaks out of its mold, I’m always hoping for the show to get really, truly good. Generic Writing Technique 001 is not the way to go about it, but at least they aren’t reverting to ‘Sheldon annoys the rest’ so…. it isn’t a step backwards? I guess?

Also, that was pretty weak, as far as sitcom musicals go. Drew Carey must be rolling in his grave.



~ by Jerk on February 5, 2011.

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