How I Fixed Your Mother

How is it that HIMYM always flourishes when guest starring vapid pop stars? Anyway, as the title suggests this week’s episode (much like last week’s SPN) fixed what was broken, as the characters A) acted more like themselves again, B) were actually funny at times, and C) moved forward. Hopefully this signals the end of this weird serious arc the show went through and we can get back to past hilarity.

As you can tell, I’ve been avoiding this post for a few days, trying to decide what to say about this. I eventually decided there was very little that needed to be said. And here it is with bullet points!

• keep the show good. SVEN, not dead parents. Awesome Barney, not Retarded Barney.

• try to have Ted be a bit more central to his own story. Also, the return of Funny Ted now and then would be nice.

• if Zoey is not the Mother, there will be Fire and Pain.



~ by Jerk on February 12, 2011.

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