Dean's Amulet

There’s some scattered talk around the SPN fan base about Dean’s Amulet, probably brought on by someone asking about it at the LA con about a week ago.  We’ll remember that after we found out it was the key to the divine version of Where’s Waldo that Dean lost faith and threw it in the trash in one of their random hotel rooms never to be seen again. Could this be?  Some are saying maybe Sam picked it up, maybe it will return.

Aparently Jensen has said it’s a writers room issue and it’s not exactly a simple one.  What if the amulet was with Sam.  That means it’s been in contact with Lucifer, Michael, the paradoxical third Winchester and in fact survived hell. What would or could all those things do to a supernatural object?  Or, in the wrong hands what could be done with it.  It would be a very smart tie back into Cas’ storyline which would be nice because I miss him.

If the amulet comes back, what kind of sweet powers do you think it’s obtained? because let’s face it, It’s scifi.  It’s not going to have lost it’s powers.  This isn’t BSG.

I’m going to go with Demon frying and maybe angel white light zapping.  I also imagine it getting too hot to wear.



~ by doublebitch on February 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “Dean's Amulet”

  1. Would the amulet have even gone to Hell for very long? If Sam’s body were res’d immediately after jumping in the cage, it would be in possession of the amulet. Sam’s soul is the thing that got in contact with Hell, Lucifer, Michael, etc., so I don’t see how the the amulet would be affected.

    Even if it had been to Hell and back, I doubt if it would be changed or empowered. Unless they have a really solid story to go along with the amulet, I’d prefer if they just left it alone.

  2. Good point on the body part. I didn’t think of that.

    I think the ‘solid story’ factor is what is keeping them from diving into it but it didnt stop them from doing things in the past, ie cas this year and most of the first half of this season.

  3. I think it’s far more likely that Sam kept it in the bottom of his duffle, not on his person. He didn’t pack a bag to leave for Hell, he just fell into a hole. So probably the only supernatural things it’s been in contact with are fellow inhabitants of the trunk of the Impala.

  4. Perhaps, perhaps Sammy had it in the bottom of his duffel, but put it in his pocket whenever they went on hunts, you know, just in case. How much supernatural contact would a God-sensing amulet need to have in order to be tweaked a little? Cas was carrying it around for a while, and if it went to Hell, however briefly, that would surely do something. Maybe it could become an alarm to supernatural creatures. Like, it heats up whenever they are near something.

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