P&R to the Rescue

I was going to talk about how HIMYM, one week after I said they fixed it, did the one fucking thing I said they better not do, but no. Let’s talk about something good instead, something awesome. Let’s talk Parks and Recreation. After getting annoyed with HIMYM, it was my go-to for a sitcomy pick-me-up.

Giving this show only six episodes for the first season was just about the worst thing NBC could have done to it. The first four of those were the standard growing pains any new TV series undergoes as the creative team figures out the voice of each character, how the actors work together, et cetera. As it stood it was 4 okay episodes and 2 good ones, which was barely enough to bring me back for the second season. However if you look at the entire run of the series to date, you’ve got four meh eps followed by an unbroken streak of awesome that currently runs 31 episodes.

We’re now five episodes into the third season, so I feel confident enough to say that it’s my favourite sitcom for the second year running, with really only Community coming close (though to be fair, I only picked up the first season of that a couple weeks ago, and I’m only about halfway through season one, plus the few random s2 eps I’ve been shown). P&R does The Office better than The Office ever did, with a much better group of characters who are both quirky and competent at their jobs. If anyone ever says that Michael Scott is a better character than Ron Swanson, they should be beaten with their own testes.

With all of this awesome, I do wish more people watched the show. The fact that NBC decided to hold it back until midseason this year is troubling, but it does bring in viewers in roughly the same numbers as Community and 30 Rock, so I’m not really that worried about cancellation. But P&R’s ratings are 1/3 that which Big Bang Theory gets. The most consistently awesome sitcom on TV, and three times as many people tune in to see the most consistently mediocre one.

I’m not even sure where I’m going with this anymore. So uh…. HIMYM, television viewers in general: frustrating. Parks and Recreation: consistently gut-wrenchingly hilarious. Quod erat demonstrandum.

-Jerk has not actually proven anything but hopes you won’t notice this


~ by Jerk on February 23, 2011.

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