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I bought the first season of Community about a month ago, and now I’ve not only watched that but also every episode of the second season that’s aired so far. Because it’s awesome. So awesome, it has actually surpassed Parks and Rec as my favourite sitcom this year (though I’d say P&R season 2 was better than Community season 1) and I just have to say: thank god! With the way 30 Rock and HIMYM have plummeted in teh funny, I was getting worried that my ability to perceive humour that was actually at fault, and P&R’s laugh-out-loudness was just a fluke. Nope, those shows have just become balls, because Community is of the same calibre as P&R, or HIMYM a few years ago.

First of all, the cast is excellent. Every single character is perfect, even the ones you dislike. On top of the main cast, I love the recurring characters as well, to the point that choosing a favourite would be decided by whoever had been in the most recent episode I’ve seen. I’ve also found my new fictional self in Abed.

Next, the geek factor is extremely high in this show. The way they will reference movies and make absolutely no attempt to explain or contextualize the reference is wonderful. The fact that most of the references are to ’80s movies is also a plus. On top of this, they’ve done an entire episode devoted to D&D, and the first season came with a Kickpuncher comic book written by Troy. Oh, and the Wilhelm screams. All of this adds up to a series so geeky it could give The Venture Bros a run for its money. If, you know, it was some form of nerd currency (nerrency, if you will).

I’m really glad that Community is on NBC, this means that a strong cult following will easily be enough to keep the show on the air. They’ve already renewed it for a third season, not even on the bubble! Go 4th place!

Tomorrow night’s episode: Tarantino references!



~ by Jerk on March 23, 2011.

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