At WonderCon this past weekend we got our first real look at the new Thundercats cartoon. I was going to post it here, but YouTube seems to be against embedding the thing, so this link will have to suffice. Go watch that, I’ll wait.

First of all, a little background. I was a big Thundercats fan as a kid, and looking back at all the old shows I used to watch more recently, Thundercats is the one that holds up well. Other shows I watched turn out to be pretty damn horrible (I’m looking at you, Masters of the Universe) but Thundercats is good enough that I’d still watch it now. Needless to say, this new series has some pretty big shoes to fill.

This trailer makes me confident that while it may not be as good as the original, the new ‘Cats will at least be good. The animation looks very good, I don’t mind the new designs (though I am partial to the originals), and the story seems solid. I’m actually looking forward to this.

Oh, and the voice work. I didn’t even notice this at first, but Lion-O’s father is voiced by Larry Kenney, AKA the original Lion-O! And new Lion-O is Will “Batman Beyond” Friedle! And while I haven’t heard him, Snarf can’t be as annoying as the original (and hell, for some reason his new design reminds me of Nall from Lunar, so that’s a good thing). The only voice I’m leery of is Mumm-Ra’s. The ’80s was great for making villains with iconic voices, so I’m hoping he’ll still sound like the singer for a black hair metal band.

This really was a great trailer, I’m a lot more excited for the show than I was before I saw it. The only downsides to this trailer for me were the lack of Panthro and the ThunderTank, but they’ll show up eventually. I’m really excited, the new ‘Cats is now my most anticipated new series of the year (sorry, Falling Skies).



~ by Jerk on April 7, 2011.

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