Mommy Dearest

mary winchester, samantha smith, supernatural, mommy dearest, 6x19This week’s episode of Supernatural was a throw back to great episodes like season 3’s The Magnificent Seven.  It was monster based, hunt heavy and really displayed the core team of the show which has evolved slightly over 3 additional seasons.

I have to say that the plot twist at the end regarding Cas and Crowley is one of the best of the season, if not the most important shift in allegiance we’ve seen since Sam wore the white suit.  It’s the first time I’ve made it to the end of the episode this season and truly cared about what had transpired.   Big Mama went down a little too easy for such a big bad but it had enough sap and suffering to make it satisfying.

That said, this being the new found arc it just seems to prove how lost the story was for a little while there in the early part of the season when it wandered so vaguely between the two battles.  Every show is allowed a season where they’re a little lost.  It happens but I hope they take this opportunity to get back on track.

Now we know we’ll be seeing a season 7.  I’d comment on this being a bad idea but at this point they might as well keep going.   I’ll keep watching and I think that’s all the CW wants to know.  They also know they’ll be losing Smallville on Friday nights and want something of a sure thing to pull something over.  I’d be prepared to expect a spooky/monster type show to be picked up and paired in it’s place.


bonus content –  I will watch anything with Mark Sheppard in it.  It’s always great to see him back and it was nice to see Samantha Smith reprise her role as Mary Winchester.


~ by doublebitch on May 1, 2011.

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