Winter is Coming

Right, well five episodes in so maybe I should get off my ass and actually talk about how awesome Game of Thrones is. To start off, I haven’t read the books. My fantasy reading has been pretty limited (mainly just Tolkien) as I was always more of a science fictional reader, but I definitely want to read some George RR Martin now!

It’s great to see some fantasy that isn’t the standard Tolkien-inspired fare. Other than the cold open to the first episode, a few dire wolves and some dragon relics, the Game of Thrones ‘verse has been fairly grounded, instead focusing on the politics and society of a mediæval culture, as well as the characters that inhabit it. You’d think that this focus on politics would slow the plot down, but it barrels forward surprisingly fast. Which is good, because I want to get to the point where we’re in a decade-plus long winter.

For such a large ensemble cast it’s really impressive how much I like the characters. Even the dickbags are given motivation and personalities (well, not so much Targaryen, but he’s a spoilt prince and a douche, plus he’s had a fairly minor role so far). The only other show with a cast this large that I liked this much was The Wire, so clearly I must give GoT bonus points for having Tommy Carcetti with a bitchin’ ‘stache. Favourite characters so far are the imp, the tomboy, the bastard and the Kalisi.

I mentioned how I really like the focus on politics and character as opposed to the standard high fantasy fare, but at the same time I’m anticipating those aspects really entering the story with glee. Much like watching the early minutes of Fellowship of the Ring and anticipating Boromir’s last stand, I can’t wait until there’s some Night’s Watch versus the White Walkers action, and I think it’s pretty obvious that those ‘for decoration only’ dragon eggs are going to hatch.

High fantasy has never been all that popular of a television genre but even if it were, Game of Thrones would still stand as the cream of the crop.



~ by Jerk on May 16, 2011.

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