Who Are We?

Watching tv is hard work, if you’re doing it right.  We’re not interested in passive viewer-ism.  We want to dig and speculate into the story lines to see where things are going and where they’ve been.  We’re at a point where great programming is meeting up with an opportunity to interact with their fan base and the fan base is interacting within itself to cause an impact.  Television is complex, it takes many levels of creativity and input before it reaches the audience who absorb it and reflect back.  This is our way of bouncing a little back.

Some scenes may include nerdity and violence.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Alright, who really?

We’re two bestfriends who love to watch and talk about TV.  It’s our thing and some time about the middle of this past year we decided we should start a blog because damint, we’re kinda funny sometimes.

This kinda came about from my livingroom, we’d dye eachother’s hair and watch half a season in a day.  One time we even made a turkey.  The name came from two Supernatural geeks trying to make an in joke at a party.  It went like this:

Me:  Jerk!
Jerk: Bitch
Drunk Friend: You’re a Bitch
Me: No, You’re a Bitch.
Drunk Friend:  You’re a DoubleBitch!

Thus the beginning of JerkDoubleBitch.   We watch a lot of stuff so keep checking back, if we’re not talking about something you think we should be watching let us know, we’ll try to check it out.  Bookmark us and please comment.

Contact us via twitter @jerkdoublebitch
Or via email at jerk or db (at) jerkdoublebitch.com
OR drop something by our formspring


3 Responses to “Who Are We?”

  1. i love it!! love the pic, love you guys, post lots because really, what better reading material can i think of?? =)


  2. hi – sorry to comment this – i couldn’t find contact info. i saw you posted a few times on the show Leverage- and I have a promo we’re doing that i thought you might be interested in. let me know if it’s okay to email. thx!

  3. we can always be reached at jerk or db at jerkdoublebitch.com Or try us @jerkdoublebitch on twitter

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