Dean's Amulet

•February 19, 2011 • 4 Comments

There’s some scattered talk around the SPN fan base about Dean’s Amulet, probably brought on by someone asking about it at the LA con about a week ago.  We’ll remember that after we found out it was the key to the divine version of Where’s Waldo that Dean lost faith and threw it in the trash in one of their random hotel rooms never to be seen again. Could this be?  Some are saying maybe Sam picked it up, maybe it will return.

Aparently Jensen has said it’s a writers room issue and it’s not exactly a simple one.  What if the amulet was with Sam.  That means it’s been in contact with Lucifer, Michael, the paradoxical third Winchester and in fact survived hell. What would or could all those things do to a supernatural object?  Or, in the wrong hands what could be done with it.  It would be a very smart tie back into Cas’ storyline which would be nice because I miss him.

If the amulet comes back, what kind of sweet powers do you think it’s obtained? because let’s face it, It’s scifi.  It’s not going to have lost it’s powers.  This isn’t BSG.

I’m going to go with Demon frying and maybe angel white light zapping.  I also imagine it getting too hot to wear.



How I Fixed Your Mother

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How is it that HIMYM always flourishes when guest starring vapid pop stars? Anyway, as the title suggests this week’s episode (much like last week’s SPN) fixed what was broken, as the characters A) acted more like themselves again, B) were actually funny at times, and C) moved forward. Hopefully this signals the end of this weird serious arc the show went through and we can get back to past hilarity.

As you can tell, I’ve been avoiding this post for a few days, trying to decide what to say about this. I eventually decided there was very little that needed to be said. And here it is with bullet points!

• keep the show good. SVEN, not dead parents. Awesome Barney, not Retarded Barney.

• try to have Ted be a bit more central to his own story. Also, the return of Funny Ted now and then would be nice.

• if Zoey is not the Mother, there will be Fire and Pain.



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We’re now halfway through Gods of the Arena, and in a shocking (shocking!) twist it continues to be as awesome as expected. This week’s episode had two things I’d like to talk about.

First up, we’re introduced to Papa Batiatus, who is very much the douche he was made out to be. The scene where he screws over his son’s hard (if deceitful) work in order to smooth ruffled feathers with Tullius is so gratingly politic, it shows the differences between father and son perfectly. Sure, Lentulus may be a schemer and a bit murdery, but at least he refuses to kowtow to douches merely due to their social stature. Granted, having some guy just show up with his brah for some slave rape isn’t ideal, but you gotta work with what you have. Now I’m not sure who I want to see die more, Tullius or Papa Batiatus. Good thing I’m fairly certain (this being Spartacus) that both will die, and soon.

Second, the Rise of Crixus. Wow. This may not have been the most brutal or awe-inspiring fight we’ve seen, but it certainly was emotionally satisfying. Seeing Crixus receive the Mark was honestly even better than when Spartacus earned it. I’m also really enjoying the burgeoning respect/mentoring between Crixus and Gannicus. Also, the music for Crixus’ first battle was truly epic.

I do have to say at this point I really have no idea how Gannicus is going to die, and part of me hopes they’ll somehow work him into the second season.


The Koothrappali Fail

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Honestly, I like Raj. I’m glad that this week’s BBT was one of the few to actually feature him as more important to the story. It used to be all about Sheldon annoying the rest of them, Penny being the one with boobs, and Leonard being whiny. With the addition of Bernadette, Howard’s become a bigger part of the series as well. This really just leaves Raj relegated to supporting the rest of the cast, so any attempt to let him shine I’m all for.

However, was a love triangle really the way to go? I mean, this was just about the lamest story they could come up with to give Raj the spotlight. Adding a love triangle is the most overused plot twist in serialized fiction, and unless the writers are incredibly smart with it, this will go nowhere and/or be very boring. I dunno, maybe I’m just annoyed because I’ve always been rooting for Raj and Howard to be all gay for each other.

It pains me to complain when BBT breaks out of its mold, I’m always hoping for the show to get really, truly good. Generic Writing Technique 001 is not the way to go about it, but at least they aren’t reverting to ‘Sheldon annoys the rest’ so…. it isn’t a step backwards? I guess?

Also, that was pretty weak, as far as sitcom musicals go. Drew Carey must be rolling in his grave.


White Collar Expositionary Bordem

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Mozzie, white collar, weldingI like to count my blessings and on top of a safe home and a great family I’m thankful for the return of the USA network’s show White Collar.  Each week Burke, Caffrey and crew bring crime stories with great character development and twists that rival Leverage.  It’s wise that they don’t air at the same time.

This week brought us a great one off ep that dug into the back story of Neil and showcased the beautiful cast.  Diana is so essential to that crew and so flexible on the con.. er.. un-con.  I like that this show points out how thin the line is between crime and crime fighting.

All that praise aside, I really felt like this week was overacted.  The chemistry is undeniable between the series leads but the exposition speeches were dry and delivered in a way that really felt unbelievable.  Perhaps it’s the writing or maybe the actors were tired, or just plain bored of the methodical layout of the episodes but they need to find something to keep it fresh.  There are so many interesting characters in this show that they could easily shake up how all this information is delivered to the audience.

Bonus points:  Mozzie in mad scientist welding gear.  That’s a visual I will always remember.


Run Grayson Run!

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I think the main premise of Cougar Town is how insane Jules Cobb is but tonight’s Valentines Day episode is the first time I’ve found her utterly destructive to those around her.  Sure she’s got a really messed up relationship with her son but Dan Byrd’s character seems to be mentally equipt to deal with that.

Tonight she wanted Grayson to “break down” about his father’s death and kept mentioning such to his face.  “I’ve prepared some questions to get us on our way to breakdown city”  What?!  All this sweet tolerant man was trying to do was treat her well and her truest desire is to make him hurt.  I’m just glad he had the balls to walk away.

They somehow always manage to make Jules look like the sane one, I guess that’s a girl thing.  This is just a destructive character and I’m worried about how much longer that will continue to be funny.


P.S. I still don’t like Travis’ girlfriend.

Grunny's Got A Gun

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I love me some Grunny.  Yes I do.  News broke today that despite his role on some new Love-Hewitt show that filmed almost a year ago and has yet to find a premier date he’s been cast in a new A&E series called “Big Mike”

Guess what “Big Mike” is about.  Between the name and Grunny’s casting you can be pretty sure it’s about a fat cop.  Annnd yep, that’s what it is.  I’m happy to see him away from NBC and I’ll be happy to see him back on my tv and finally I’ll be extra happy to see him in a comedy but I wish the world could see him for something a little more.

This role on the possibly (sadly) dead before it gets out the door “Love Bites” had him as a tattoo artist.  That sounded fun!  The industry has him so stuck in the Cop or Dad role making fun of being overweight even when he slims down that they miss out on how many interesting characters I know are inside that man and no, he didn’t eat them.

Enough run on sentences.  I’ll be looking for Big Mike but don’t expect anything too new.  Then again, maybe they’re working on a “you can never get too much of a good thing” theory.  I guess I can go with that.  Now all they need to do is find a role for Brea Grant.